Eyebrow Icicles!

Eyebrow Icicles!

A reporter for Healthline.com quoted me as saying “I love it when the sweat freezes into icicles on my eyebrows.”

It’s true. I normally do. Morgan was always up for a cold-weather workout as well.

The right gear makes all the difference. The article explains my usual winter running attire:

Sweeney will put on two pairs of long johns under her tights, a “sparkle skirt” to shield her from the wind, a few long-sleeved breathable shirts under a warm hooded jacket, a balaclava over her mouth and head, a pair of sports socks with some bamboo knee-highs, and a hand warmer in each mitten and she’s good to go.

But now, fifteen days into an upper respiratory infection (aka the common cold), I’ve taken my workouts indoors. Let’s be honest. My current workouts look more like naps between guzzling hot tea than marathon training.

But I’ll be back, and when I am, let that sweat freeze!



I entered a contest. I didn’t mean to win. I thought the picture of the prize was ugly. We had to name three ingredients to include in a sushi roll. I listed the three most disgusting things I could think of. I can’t even remember them now. But, the joke was on me.

I won!

She arrived today. Yes, we “sparkle sisters” (the wearers of Sparkle Skirts brand athletic skirts) refer to each skirt as “she.” And each skirt has a name. I’m calling this one, “On a Roll.”

Get it?

Imagine my surprise when I opened her and loved the colors. She’s so bright and cheery. Perfect for the rainy weather we’ve been having.

Sparkle Skirts didn’t intended for it to be a writing contest, but I’m counting it as a writing success!

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