On Autumn Saturdays, We Watch Buckeye Football

On Autumn Saturdays, We Watch Buckeye Football

As my husband and I age, the thrill of attending Ohio State football games at Ohio Stadium has waned. Frankly, we’d much rather watch in the comfort of our home while the pupperina chews on things she shouldn’t and where no one is spilling a beer down either of our backs.

But today, we made our annual trek to the ‘Shoe to watch the Buckeyes beat Indiana.

For me, the best part of a game is the band. Yes, I’m biased, but I believe the Ohio State marching band is unrivaled in precision and style. I lived for band in high school and still regret selling my professional Haynes flute. I also regret that I didn’t play a brass instrument and therefore couldn’t be in the all brass “Best Damn Band in The Land” at Ohio State. But I was in law school anyway and barely had time to eat or sleep let alone practice music or routines.

I miss the days when television stations showed the full band performance at half-time. Now, when the sportscasters blather on during the mid-game break, I clench my teeth and mute the TV. We’re lucky to see ten seconds of marching band footage.

So I may have squealed a little today when we made it to our seats in time to see the “incomparable” Script Ohio, during the pre-game show. If you missed it, here you go – our view from 19C, Row 2.

On To The Next

“Paralyze resistance with persistence.” – Woody Hayes

Yesterday, The Ohio State University Buckeye football team landed in Miami. On Friday they face the Clemson Tigers in the Orange Bowl. Earlier in the season, they took a harsh defeat at the hands of Michigan State. I’m sure they were saddened, stunned even, by their loss to the Spartans, but they were not defeated in the larger sense of the word. Instead of stopping in their tracks, they kept moving in preparation for the next contest. They lived to play another day.

I’m going to use the Buckeye attitude as my writing strategy. I’ve had my share of defeats. It’s been a while since I’ve put myself on the agent firing line or ventured into the editorial slush pile, but I like this thought of moving on and heading into the next adventure without feeling like a loser. Our Buckeyes just keep moving. So will I.

Is it really a defeat if you’re still standing when it’s over? Doesn’t it just mean the time wasn’t right? Perhaps it wasn’t the right book or the book wasn’t done or I wasn’t ready for what came next. On we go. On to the next. In the interim, the writing itself is the reward.


“There’s two things that you don’t listen to: flattery, which can’t help you, and abuse, which can’t hurt you. You have to look at the facts.” – Jim Tressel

Happy 2010! We write hard. We play hard. No essay this month. To learn why, read “The Paranoid Ex-Lawyer’s Release” which you can find at http://www.nitasweeney.com/newsletter/the-fine-print/.

For your convenience, here’s what it says:

PARANOID EX-LAWYER’S RELEASE: This month there was the matter of that little football game in Pasadena. In those moments of Buckeye insanity immediately following the Ohio State/Iowa game, my sister, Amy, and I decided we must go to the Rose Bowl. (Mid-December she whined that I was dragging her there, but now she’s thanking me.) A few weeks after Iowa, my brother scored tickets too. We’re all three Ohio State alums. December became a haze of washing Buckeye garb, buying Buckeye paraphernalia, and figuring out which suitcase was large enough to carry all the Buckeye garb and paraphernalia. On December 30th, we hauled that luggage to our 15th floor hotel room and looked out upon a spectacular view of the city. Then, I glanced down to the parking area. TBDBITL and the OSU cheerleaders were climbing out of their white buses. We were staying in the same hotel!

No matter where we went in LA (and we did a bit of driving on those wacky freeways), if my sister yelled “O-H!” (which she is prone to do at random intervals) someone responded, “I-O!” For a few days LA glowed scarlet and gray. Santa Monica Pier? Scarlet and gray. Universal City? Scarlet and gray. Disneyland? Scarlet and gray. Rose Parade? Scarlet and gray. The game? Well. Having been to both the USC and Iowa games, I didn’t believe we’d won until the clock read 0:59. But our football team turned the Rose Bowl scarlet and gray too! GO BUCKS!

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