Will books written by A.I. replace books written by humans?

There's a trend I've noticed in my life, and it's one I'm not at all fond of. It was in March of 2020 when I let my guard down, congratulating myself for finally having it together. I'm sure a few of us know what happens next in that story. In November of 2022 was when I got serious about writing....

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Into the Springs Writers Workshop

Sponsored blog post: Cultivate your craft at the Into the Springs Writers’ Workshop. This summer’s version of the Into the Springs Writers’ Workshop will feature award-winning writer, author, and strategist Jane Friedman and science fiction and fantasy writer Jason Sanford. The two will...

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Wandering June

I was blessed to enjoy a solo 18-day odyssey of Colorado in May. I relish the research involved in learning about new places to see and unique activities to undertake. I mean, research is my life! I relish creating a driving itinerary and enjoy comparing the prices, services and amenities offered...

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