April Appreciation

by | Apr 3, 2022 | Blog, Write Now Columbus Essay Archives

Hello Spring.

When I wrote the March essay one month ago, the Russian invasion of Ukraine was fresh and horrific news. I expressed my hope that when I wrote the April essay, I could write how the whole thing had been a terrible April Fool’s joke.

Sadly, that isn’t the case, but the unmitigated resolve displayed by Ukrainians, is so reassuring. Of course, there’s not just fighting for show. They’re fighting for their very existence. They’re standing up to the Big Boys, and it gives me hope that Good can truly conquer Evil.

Besides the incredible loss of life, shocking destruction and sorrowful circumstances that have befallen Ukrainians and others impacted by this aggression, there have been additional deaths and injuries stemming from the war.

“Additional deaths and injuries”

Just hours before I sat to write this essay, the Pope asked people to appreciate the sacrifices of the journalists killed covering the invasion of Ukraine.

Pope Francis spoke to journalists aboard a plane returning from Malta. In the U.S. News & World Report story, he said he was prepared to travel to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, to express his condolences to “their fallen colleagues.” However, he noted, no decision has been made on the feasibility of such a trip.

“Your job is a job for the common good. They have fallen in service of the common good of information. Let’s not forget that they were courageous. I pray for them, I pray that the Lord rewards their work.”

Pope Francis

It is incredible to me there have been and continue to be journalists, photographers and countless others in supporting roles who risk their lives to be our eyes and ears in the midst of danger and peril. As I sit in comfort of my suburban home, enjoying the freedom of living in the United States, I am forever grateful to them for their dedication and sacrifice.

It’s magical to me the same day I planned on writing about the bravery of news gatherers and their teams, the Pope expressed his support for them, too.

As a journalist, I am proud and humbled to be among those to receive Papal consideration.

~ Tami

(c)Tami Kamin Meyer, 2022, all rights reserved

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