Book Review: Run Through Barriers by Clint Adam Lovell

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Blog, Book Reviews


Book Review: Run Through Barriers by Clint Adam Lovell

In his nonfiction book, Run Through Barriers: How overcoming obstacles to running will transform your health, boost your energy, and rewind your fitness age, Clint Adam Lovell demolishes every reason why you thought you might not be able to run. Instead, he provides many reasons why you should.

I’m happy he didn’t title it “Stop with the Excuses Already” even though he could have. He’s much more gentle a soul than that and I’m grateful. But that’s what the book does. Chapter by chapter, “barrier” by “barrier,” the author dispels any reason (ahem) someone might offer for why they can’t or aren’t running.

He dismantles our excuses

Using real life examples from his running journey as well as those of other people, he dismantles the things we tell ourselves and paves the way for anyone to hit the road or trail for years to come. And once he’s done that, he offers a sensible training plan to make sure you meet your running goals.

The final chapter (no spoilers here) is especially needed right now. He has lived a lot of life, run a lot of miles, met a lot of people. And he generously shares the wisdom we need to keep our feet moving.

Although he wrote a “running” book, he offers universal lessons. His wisdom applies to nearly any movement form and much of the rest of life as well. I’m so grateful I picked it up when I did. I was gifted this book while in a slump. Little did the giver know how much I needed it.

Thank you for this treasure.

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