Easily Create Amazon Review Links

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Easily Create Amazon Review Links

What author doesn’t love reviews of her book?

Would you love to make it easier for readers to write reviews?

What if instead of requiring our readers to scroll and scan an Amazon page to find the review page link, we could send them directly to the page where they write the review?

We can!

Here’s the trick. In just a few simple steps, you can easily create Amazon review links that open directly to the Amazon review page of your book. With one click, the reader is at the review page.

Use this simple formula:

Amazon.com/review/create-review?&asin= + your book’s ASIN or ISBN 10 at the end of the link

The ISBN for Depression Hates a Moving Target is 1642500135, the ebook ASIN is 1642500135, and the audiobook ASIN is B07WT5M3SP.

Use the same formula for each format: paperback, hardback, ebook, audiobook, etc.

Here’s how the link to the paperback looks:


It opens to this page.

This one’s for the ebook:


And finally, one for the audiobook:


I used the same formula to create Amazon review links for You Should Be Writing:


And this one is for the ebook:


Follow this simple formula for each of your book formats.

Create your own to post on social media, in your blog, and email newsletters.

Have fun and go get those reviews!

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