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“We make sacred pact. I promise teach karate to you. You promise learn. I say. You do. No questions.” – Mr. Miyagi from “The Karate Kid”

Hi Writers:

Are you ready to share what you know about writing? Upper Arlington’s Lifelong Learning Program (UALL) is looking for new writing instructors. But you’ll have to hurry. The deadline is July 7th. They want to include any new courses in their next catalogue.

I’ve been teaching there since 2001, shortly after I moved back from New Mexico. They make teaching easy. They enroll the students and do most of the advertising. I post flyers around town for my own courses and include all of their classes on my website. They rent the facility and collect the money. I show up and teach. Their courses are marketed to folks who want to enhance their lives. The participants are eager to be there. Most are adults although I do teach the occasional mature teen.

When I was getting ready to move back from New Mexico, Natalie suggested I teach. “Pass on what you know,” she said. In order to teach something, I have to really understand it myself. Writing has become a two-fold activity. While part of me writes, a second part of me thinks, ‘How could I teach this to my students?” It makes for a fuller writing experience.

If you’ve ever thought about passing on your writing skills, here’s an opportunity. UALL is especially looking for folks to teach fiction or methods for making money blogging. But they’re always open to new ideas, especially during the Fall session when they try out new classes. To apply, send a resume and brief class outline to dmosely@uaoh.net by July 7th.

Nita Sweeney
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