Do You Read Writing Blogs?

by | Aug 1, 2010 | Blog | 2 comments

“Writers should be read, but neither seen nor heard.” – Daphne Du Maurier

In 2006, about the time I began writing this blog, I started reading the blogs of other writers. There weren’t many. Today, due in part to the increased responsbility for authors to promote their work, thousands of writing blogs exist. You could spend every moment just reading about writing and doing that reading only on the internet.

My current favorites include Nathan Bransford, Rachel Gardner, Query Tracker, and Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog. These blogs focus on literary agents and the publishing industry. For a wider variety, see this list published by the directory of universities and colleges of the 2010 Top 100 Writing Blogs.

The bottom line is that we should all spend much more time working on our projects than reading these blogs. The bloggers, if they’re worth their salt, would agree. Still, our desire to read about writing persists.

Do you read writing blogs? If so, which ones do you find helpful?

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