Holly Lisle Courses Now Open!

by | Mar 9, 2010 | Blog

I don’t write much about the two courses I’m taking from novelist Holly Lisle because, until today, they were closed. But now THEY’RE OPEN!!!

Holly’s course “How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers” is nothing if not comprehensive. It starts by examining our limiting beliefs as writers and continues through writing a book and on to the marketing phases. This includes how to generate ideas, how to narrow those ideas to the ones that are most marketable, how to outline a book, how to write a book, how to revise a book (it includes a very streamlined version of her other course “How to Revise Your Novel”), and includes how to market a book. At present there are 26 chapters and you can either sign up to receive the lessons weekly or every other week. If you want more information, here’s my affiliate link for How To Think Sideways.

Additionally, “How To Revise Your Novel” is opening too. Admission is limited to those people who have a completed first draft of a novel and the class usually fills quickly. It’s only offered a few times a year. It runs twenty-one weeks (five months). Although, I warn you, it is taking me much longer to do this thorough of a revision. And that’s okay. Many others are moving slowly through it with me. This class is so much more in depth than any work I’ve done so far, even in MFA school. Craft is the focus, but that’s what I needed. If you’re interested in getting more information about this course, here’s my affiliate link for How to Revise Your Novel.

Please note that these courses assume a lot of responsibility on the part of the student. You are left to do the work on your own. It’s like being a “real” writer!!! You get the lessons that she’s written based on her many years of novel writing and you get the forums. She has published at least 30 novels – mostly fantasy and romance. While you get minimal direct attention from Holly herself, you get attention from the moderators on the forums who are students Holly has chosen to assist her. And you get the wisdom of all the other writers who are doing the course at the same time. Every question I’ve had has been answered on the forums. It’s sort of like MFA school without the cost and with most folks writing genre novels. There’s interesting discussions on and off-topic and helpful feedback on your work and on the lessons. It has been exactly what I needed to continue what I started at Goddard.

If you decide to take either course, I’ll see you in the forums.

Regardless, continued good luck with your writing!

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