#queryfail Day on Twitter

by | Mar 5, 2009 | Blog

Hey Tweeps, in response to a suggestion by literary agent Colleen Lindsay, a number of agents and editors are tweeting their memories of the worst queries they’ve ever received kicking off Query Fail Day, the first of what will likely become a regular Twitter phenomenon.

Go to: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23queryfail.

My favorite example so far comes from ReneeAtShens:

“P.S. I collect stamps. Should you have any stamp…that is destined for the trash can, [please] stuff them in the enclosed SASE” #queryfail

Uh huh.

Follow-up to QueryFail:

Amazing amount of brouhaha about queryfail. IMHO, the purpose was not to mock writers, but to teach us what not to do in writing a query. For a nice collection of links to articles about how to write great queries and avoid #queryfail, check out this Chico Writer’s Group blog post http://ejourn.net/cwg/2009/03/06/how-not-to-be-targeted-by-the-evil-queryfail/.

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