One Down, Three to Go

by | Nov 27, 2006 | Uncategorized

On Saturday, I sent my last packet of writing to my Advisor concluding my first semester in Goddard’s low-residency MFA program in Creative Writing. It felt anti-climatic. While the book is much further along than it was when I started the semester, it’s not done.

The last few weeks I kept myself focused on the non-book reqirements by telling myself that I’d have plenty of time to focus soley on the book once the semester ended. Now that it’s over, all I want to do is sleep. I gave myself the weekend to play. Hubby and I drove to Granville to see the Alligator Indian Mound, eat at the Buxton Inn, and hang out at River Road Coffeehouse (one of my all-time favorites). But Monday morning was bound to roll around.

This mood reminds me of childhood. All summer long I bugged my parents to take me to the zoo. “Can we go today?” I cried day after day. In mid-August when the magic day dawned, we’d pack the car for the hour-long drive to Columbus. By the time we arrived, I was tired and cranky. I knew better than to say it, but I thought to myself, “I’m tired. I want some ice cream and I want to go home.”

So this morning I’ll give that little girl who still lives so vibrantly inside me a pep-talk. We’ll head over to Colin’s Coffee (formerly Brewster’s) and get a large decaf soy extra-foam one-sweet-n-low latte. Then I’ll begin to re-read the letters from my MFA Advisor, taking notes on the changes I need to make. Once we get started all will be well.

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