I’m So Jealous!!!

by | Nov 1, 2006 | Uncategorized

Today’s the day! All you fictioneers get on it. If you haven’t signed up for National Novel Writing Month, it’s not too late. (Sign up at http://www.NaNoWriMo.org) You too can join the ranks of writers all across the world who will write 50,000 words on a new novel during the month of November.

Back in 2004, I wrote the first 50,000 words of the book I’m still working on (I know – it’s a memoir – shhhhh, don’t tell). And I didn’t even start until November 6th! Last year, 2005, when National Novel Writing Month rolled around and I was still working on the memoir, I patted myself on the head, said, “It’s okay. You’ll be ready to write a novel next year,” and got back to work.

But here it is November of 2006 and I’m filled with envy. I thought I would be done with this book by now! ARRRGGGGGHHHH! I’m watching my friends spring from the starting gate and gallop off into the novelish netherlands without me. Alas! Alack!

Okay. Okay. Acceptance is part of the writer’s path and all that crap. I’ll be a good sport. Good luck and may the muse be with you!

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