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by | Jul 26, 2006 | Uncategorized

Ever wonder what a semester’s worth of work in a low-residency MFA program looks like? Here’s my “To Do” list for the next three months:

  • Read 21 books.
  • Keep a reading log of all the books.
  • Choose 17 of those books and write a 2-3 page annotation on each.
  • Revise several of the annotations at least once.
  • Write two, 5-page papers on topics related to two other books from the list.
  • Revise each of these papers at least once.
  • Draft 100 new pages of creative work.
  • Revise the creative work four times.
  • Write five “process letters” to my advisor discussing what I’m doing all semester.
  • Write an evaluation of myself and my advisor.
  • Figure out how to pay next semester’s tuition.[Contributions accepted!]
  • Breathe, eat, sleep.

If I don’t answer email or phone, I hope you’ll understand.

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